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We buy honey and all bee products in unlimited amounts. To sell his honey in our company, we must obtain from you a sample of products(300g) and contact information. After testing the samples, our technicians take a decision to purchase.

To sample you need to attach a Passport of the apiary and a copy of the veterinary form 2 subject to availability.

Our company has long been selling honey and bee products. We are manufacturers, therefore, are responsible for the quality of our products. Reputation is important for us, so we value every customer and offer you only the best.

For small retail stores and companies who are professionally engaged in the gift sets: .

You care about fast execution of orders? You want to get the best at the lowest price? You are concerned about the operational solution to all your problems? You can feel free to contact our team knows how to help you!

For the production:

Are you worried about the minimum and maximum amount of supplies?

You want to have reliable and proven supplier?

You need to ensure production of raw materials without the headaches?

Please contact us!
We are happy to produce a quality product and to take part in your production!

Work schedule and contacts

Refer to House bees, if you need our products, as well as get advice with regards to all issues related to quality, assortment and price policy. Our managers with pleasure will consult you and will choose your desired product.

+7(985)286-32-46— one number for free calls. — unified email for reference.
140091, Dzerzhinskiy, str. Sadovaya 5

Work schedule:
Mon-Sat: 9.00 to 21.00

Taking orders by phone every day!

Call us: +79852863246

Write to us:

We are located at the following address: 115477, Moscow, Caucasian Boulevard 16

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