Delicious honey by the gross in Moscow

Delicious honey at wholesale price

Do you like natural honey? Do you serve honey to breakfast? Do you think that in any house there should be a jar of medicinal product, in case of illness of someone close? Our company sells honey wholesale aroung the world on the most favorable terms!

Several reasons why our customers become regular customers:

  • Quality guarantee – You can buy honey wholesale and make sure that our honey has a 100% natural quality, collected on apiaries, created as a result of bees processing floral nectar. In our honey there is no sugar, artificial additives and dyes. The use of the product will increase immunity, heal dermal, cold, stomach and intestinal diseases, cleanse the blood. Anyone who has ever tried any of our honey, always comes back for a new purchase!
  • Our prices are the prices of the manufacturer; therefore you will feel the benefit of wholesale purchase of any kind of honey. Wholesale purchases will be beneficial to the implementers of honey in the regions, will allow to establish their business with a high probability of success. Any honey, has always been the elixir of health, youth and beauty. We sell honey of the new season, as evidenced by its consistency, viscidity, color and smell.
  • The assortment of honey presented in our store allows you to choose and buy wholesale honey all round the world: linen honey, buckwheat, motley grass, floral. We can advise the buyer on any issue, because we are the professionals.

How to buy honey?

You can buy honey in bulk at our online store or call on the phone 84952807173 You can also email us at